History/Meet Julie


The idea for the Pooch Pad came from Julie’s personal experience trying to find care for her own small dog. She encountered the same issues all dog owners face: no available options where a small, sensitive dog could relax and enjoy companionship in a stress-free environment. None of the available options met this need. At a kennel, they are stuck in a cage, at a cage-less facility, they are amongst a high volume of barking dogs, and having pet sitters come to your house means your dog is alone most of the time.

The ideal situation is to have a friend or neighbor care for your dog, however, relying on others creates a new set of problems. They could cancel last minute, you feel indebted, they are gone all day at work, etc. There was clearly a need in the pet care industry where small dogs could be cage-free, among a small group of same size dogs and pampered and supervised 24/7 by a pet professional in a home environment. Thus, Julie’s Pooch Pad was born.

Meet the Owner

Julie's Headshot
After working for both the Ritz Carlton Hotel and for a high level diplomat, Julie decided the glamour of these jobs were not as satisfying as doing something that directly helps people. So, she followed her passion for animals and decided to make her unique pet care idea into a reality. Now in its 19th year, the Pooch Pad has provided stress-free care to hundreds of small dogs.

Wanting to be as knowledgeable as she could when she opened the business, she began educating herself about dog care, animal behavior, pack dynamics, training, first aid, etc. through extensive reading, seminars, and networking. She became certified in canine first aid and CPR and got a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins’ Business School. She has been selected nearly every year to be in the prestigious “Who’s Who in Women Owned Businesses”, and is a certified dog expert with Ask.com. She is a mature, responsible pet professional with more than 23 years experience. She continues to experience tremendous satisfaction knowing both her little furry clients and her human clients are so happy to have found the Pooch Pad.