Two Thumbs Up
“My 17 year-old Yorkie has been going to the Pooch Pad since we moved here several years ago, and we are both happy customers. She gets to spend time with dogs just a little larger than she is and always very sociable; and she gets the interaction with a loving human so tends to adjust better to my travel schedule. As a result, I have complete confidence that when I travel, my little girl is safe, content and comfortable. Definitely two thumbs up.”

World changing
“My world has completely changed since I was able to hook up with Julie who takes care of my baby Yorkie with such love. Julie is a very capable woman and shows her love and devotion to her little charges. She is quite bright, capable and knowledgeable on the care of dogs. I will continue to use her services as my husband and I believe her to be the best choice for taking care of our well loved Yorkie.”

Your dog will love Julie’s Pooch Pad
“Before we found Julie’s Pooch Pad we dreaded trips out of town and, of course, everyone has to travel now and then. Our dog, Buckley, did not do well when caged at other dog boarding places. While she never contracted kennel cough or any other disease, she returned home exhausted and usually had some behavioral problems as well indicating to us that she was not happy. Julie’s Pooch Pad is a totally different experience. Buckley is happy and relaxed there. She loves Julie and the other dogs and never looks back when we leave her. In fact, the experience of Julie’s Pooch Pad has socialized her with other dogs. Julie cares about her customers (your dog and you). I highly recommend Julie’s Pooch Pad.”

Charlie loves the Pooch Pad
“We, and our dog Charlie, are verrrrrrrrry happy with Julie and her home-environment Pooch Pad — it’s just perfect! Aside from being a really nice person, Julie has more knowledge and experience with dogs than some trainers we’ve known and she loves taking care of dogs. If you’re looking for something more than what the normal kennels have to offer, Julie’s Pooch Pad is The place to go!!”

Simply The Best
“I have been using Julie’s Pooch Pad for over 15 years — and have nothing but high regard for her and her service. I trust her implicitly — with my two dogs I have brought there. She is organized — remembering which medicines my dog is on, which food and when they eat, tending to his special needs when he is sick — when I am out-of-town on business. I love Julie’s Pooch Pad — and would recommend her to anyone looking for care above and beyond for their pet.”