Requirements for Boarding

  • Small breeds only (25 pounds or less)
  • Dog must be at least 1 year old, housebroken, and sociable with other dogs.
  • Must be current on vaccinations for rabies, DHLP-P, and bordetella; also must be on flea control and heartworm medication.
  • Must be spayed/neutered
  • Dogs must pass a “boarding trial” before being allowed to board.

   *Dogs that will not be accepted for boarding: any dogs that show aggressive behavior, such as baring teeth, growling, or biting. High-energy dogs that overwhelm the pack. Dogs with abusive backgrounds or extremely shy dogs who are “fear aggressive”.

Initial Consultation & Boarding Trial – Required

Initial Consultation: Prior to your pet’s first boarding I will meet with you and your dog at my home. You can then see the “Pooch Pad”, ask questions and get to know me. Please bring your completed information forms and current shot records. At this time I will go over your pets’ information to determine any special care your pet may require while boarding.

Boarding Trial: After we meet, you will leave your dog with me for 3 hours. During that time I will evaluate your dog’s temperament and adjustment to the new surroundings, and his behavior around the other dogs. I will also try to bond with your dog so he feels safe with me. I will spend this time focusing on your dog’s adjustment and will give him a walk. There is a $25 fee for this evaluation.


Reservations should be made by email so there is a written record of them. Please include your specific drop off and pick up times.

Drop off & Pick up Procedures:

Drop off and pick up times are by appointment only and can be scheduled at a specific time between 8:00am – 7.30pm, seven days a week. Just before you arrive at my house, please call me at 703-820-7387 to let me know.

 Holiday Periods

Holiday boarding rates carry a $5/night surcharge. Major holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas require a $165 deposit (3 nights) to hold your reservation. This will be credited towards your final bill. *Holiday dates are listed on the “Services & Fees” page.

 Cancellation Policy & Fees

Cancellations of non-holiday boarding reservations that are within seven days of the drop off date carry a $50 cancellation fee. If you cancel a holiday boarding reservation within seven days of the drop off date, your $165 deposit will forfeited and act as your cancellation fee.


Payment is due when you pick up your dog. I accept checks, cash, and credit cards.

 Emergency Medical Policies

Minor Health Problem: Until I get to know your pet, I won’t know what is normal for your dog or cat. If I observe behavior such as a limp, scratching, chewing on skin or paws, etc. that was not mentioned on your information form, I will contact you to see if this is normal, or if it requires medical attention.

Emergency Health Problem: In a TRUE emergency, I immediately take your pet to the nearest emergency care facility, and then will call you after I arrive. That way, you can speak to the vet, make treatment decisions, etc.



 Initial Consultation

We’ll set up an initial consultation to meet you and your pet(s). This consultation is complimentary and lasts approximately 30 minutes. We’ll go over all the details including: service dates, any special care instructions and will collect house keys. You can personally show me where the food, leashes, collars and other supplies are kept.


Please send me your schedule for visits by email so I have a  written record of them.


Payment in full is due on the day of the first visit. I accept checks or cash.

Cancellation Policy & Fees

Cancellations made within 7 days of the start date of visits will entail a 50% cancellation fee.

Visit Hours

Vacation visits will be as discussed.